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Thanks to Miguel =)

New cover

Thanks to Miguel =) Life & Style, August 19 2013 issue.


New covers

* Penthouse [Hungary], October 2005
* Shape [Hungary], November 2008
* Cosmopolitan [Hungary], January 2009


New cover

 Got the 2005 Bulgarian magazine called Paraleli from eBay recently :)


New covers!

I have not been here a while! Still definitely collecting Jessica :) Just sayin! Check out my new covers, big thanks to my friends Ece, Sanne, Srdjan and Andrey for those :) All those are from 2013 except for the first Cosmo Girl one, which is from 2007.


JM: Men's Health Serbia, August 2013

Yummy new addition to my little Joe collection - Men's Health from Serbia, August 2013 issue - hot hot hot :)

Thanks to Srdjan :)


Other collections

So I gotta say I missed displaying my Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel covers collections and decided to create a tumblr blog to show them off! It's located at and I will be adding all my Jessica and Katherine covers there now! In bigger size and all, really love tumblr too! Hope you enjoy viewing those as well =) 

New covers

Got these from a clippings pack from eBay =) Weeklies are not my favorite type of covers but they'll do!


Mail day!

Gotta love mail days! Especially Jessica related mail days =) Huge thanks most of all to Andrey for all but 3 of those covers! Really happy to be able to add these beauties to my collection - thank you =)

CD-s These Boots Are Made For Walkin'

* These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - Swiss Promo


JS Collection Ads

I got some new Jessica Simpson Collection ads recently, all added here =) So gorgeous!


New cover

* Just! Telekava [Estonia], April 2006


New book: "I Do" autographed

I love this book, it has so many amazing photos of Jess! Plus this comes with the DVD and is autographed which is always a great bonus! =)


New covers

I got mail from Ece today and she sent me 2 covers I didn't have: Turkish Esquire from 2008 and Us Weekly from 2012! Thank you Ece! =D Also thanks for the Joe Manganiello cover/articles, looove them =D 

The Seventeen En Espanol mag is an eBay find =)


New covers

This past week brought me some great new Jessica covers =) Check them out below.

* Complete Woman, October/November 2002
* Barbie [Australia], 2004
* Who Weekly [Australia], 2004
* OK! [Australia], 2005
* NW [Australia], 2008
* Cleo [Australia], 2008
* Marie Claire, 2009
* Cosmopolitan [Australia] 2009
* OK! [Australia], 2009
* Elle, 2012